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We're proud of the continued excellence of our league members.  Here you can view our Hall of Fame and Lifetime Achievement Award winners.


In resurrecting our HOF, which was dormant since 2009, we established a HOF Committee. This committee consists of those current and former members of our league that are over 50 years old, with a minimum of 10 years in TV MSBL, having served in a management or a board position, and participated in more than one age division. These 36 members are each allowed one nomination per year, and those are for participants who are over 50 years old, at least 10 years in TV MSBL, as a player, manager, board member, umpire, field representative, photographer, sponsor, scorekeeper, ambassador or umpire. 

The nominees are assembled with a brief promotional write-up and presented to committee members in meaningful categories for voting. Each committee member is provided with a limited number of votes. The nominees receiving greater than 75% of the votes become inductees and those in the bottom 10% for two consecutive years are removed from further consideration. This system is designed to protect our HOF from being a "Buddy Network" or just a participation trophy, and truly becomes an incredible honor for our inductees. We then hold a banquet to celebrate these deserving recipients as part of a fundraising event.

2023 HOF Banquet and Crab Feed Fundraiser -
In Pictures

2023 HOF Banquet.jpeg

Hall of Fame

The TVMSBL recognizes greatness.  Every year we select new members to the HOF.

Lifetime Achievement Awards

The Lifetime Achievement Award is intended for members with at least 10 years of participating in the Tri-Valley MSBL and their accomplishments both on and off the field have had a significant impact on the league.

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