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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions.  If you can't find your answer below, please don't hesitate to reach out - we're here to help!

When are games played?

All games are played on Saturdays for 55+ , 62+, and 68+ Divisions with possible weekday games for 68+ Division games, and Sundays for 18+ and 40+ Divisions.  Game start times usually are at 9:30 am and 1:00 pm.  If we schedule three games at a field in a day, then the game times are 8:30 am, 12:00 pm, and 3:30 pm.  All games have a 3-hour time limit.

Where are games played?

Generally, our games are played in Livermore, Dublin, San Leandro, Martinez, and Pittsburg.  However, we are always looking for new fields to rent.

How much does it cost?

The fees are paid by team, so the cost per player depends on the number of players on the roster.  On average, each player pays about $250-$300 for usually a 16-game regular season and playoffs.   There is also the cost of a uniform that typically costs about $100.

Are Metal Bats allowed?  

No, at this time our entire league plays with wood bats.  Technically, we allow non-metal bats that are wood or wood-composite.  The handle can be metal or metal composite, but the barrel of the bat must be wood or non-metal. The league does not supply you or your team with bats.  A word of advice:  Wood breaks.  Do not borrow or loan a bat or piece of equipment unless you can afford to replace it or accept the loss. 

Are there any forms or requirements to play?

YES!  You cannot play without completing a waiver and paying your fees.  No exceptions.  Your manager will send you an e-waiver from our league's website.

Am I guaranteed playing time?

The League does not dictate to teams or managers how to allocate playing time other than meeting playoff eligibility.  It is recommended that new players and teams communicate their own expectations to each other in order to prevent any misunderstandings.

As a manager what am I responsible for doing?

You are expected to know and understand the playing rules, standing rules, and code of conduct. It is your responsibility to make all manager's meetings, maintain the team's online roster, enter your team's stats, and follow league rules. You are the primary point of contact for your team and are responsible for the actions of your team. 

What about this stats program and do I need to use it as a manager?

Yes!  Not maintaining your roster, stats (batting and pitching), fees, or waivers will result in a forfeit and no playoffs.  The stats program is easy to use and learn.  You will have a team login and password to access the program.  Your division will be available to assist you getting started and to help you during the season if needed. 

How do I sign-up to play or bring a team into the league?

We have numerous players that sign-up through our player pool looking to play on an existing team.   Also, feel free to contact us, if you are committed to starting a new team as we are always looking to grow the number of teams in each division.

Can players play in a division older than that for which they are eligible?

In certain circumstances a player may be granted an age-exemption waiver to play in a division older than that which they would normally be eligible.  There are no pre-established rules for such waivers and each case is evaluated individually.

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