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2022 Season Reminders

Managers and Players:

The 65+ Division opened their season on Saturday, April 9th and as you know the other divisions start this coming weekend. I hope everyone is looking forward to a fun season!

Here are some reminders about the season that we need you to keep in mind:

1.) All players must complete their waiver before they take the field; As a player, if you have not received a system e-mail generated by your manager with the instructions to complete your waiver, please contact your manager right away. Also, be sure to check your spam folder

2.) Players--Please help your manager by submitting your player fee to them; As a manager myself for a lot of years, it really takes the pressure off your manager if you get the money to them without making them continuously having to follow-up with you

3.) Fields these days are very hard to come-by; Please be sure to leave the field, especially the dugouts, in better shape than you found them; This means making sure that you throw away any drink bottles or anything else that should be thrown in the garbage; Drinking alcohol or smoking is not allowed in or around the fields or in the parking lots, and could result in our losing that field

4.) As you may have heard already, there is a shortage of umpires in the Bay Area and probably elsewhere; Please be sure to treat the umpires we do have respectfully and even thank them for continuing to want to be a part of our league; Also, if you are interested in becoming an umpire, please see a previous message from our league [] that mentions that our umpire's association is holding a training session this Sunday

5.) Our new Facebook and Instagram accounts have generated a lot of interest in our league. Please be sure to follow us on these accounts as the more followers we have, the greater the chance of our league being noticed and attracting new players to our league

We are continuously looking for fields to rent. Our goal is to eliminate any late afternoon games and to avoid having to use the Livermore JV field where we currently have a some Saturday games scheduled. If you know of a field that we should pursue, please let your manager, division commissioner (shown below) or me know.

Thanks and Have a Great Season!

Bruce Fraser, President Tri-Valley MSBL, Inc.

Jamie Anderson, 18+ Commissioner (661) 316-2464 Dave Lewis, 40+ Commissioner (408) 858-9736 Bryan Balch, 55+ Commissioner (925) 699-8151 Gus Manning, 65+ Commissioner (650) 520-0351

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