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Hall of Fame Annoucement

Tri-Valley MSBL Members and Former Members:


This year's banquet and crab feed fundraiser is scheduled for March 16, 2024, and will be held at the Lafayette Community Center.  Watch for an e-mail with more information that will be sent shortly for you to get in on the fun.  Those that will be honored at the banquet are this year's inductees... 


·      Randy Cobb

·      Angelo Crudale 

·      Dan Egbert

·      Steve Friend

·      Charlie Johnson

·      Dave Lewis

·      Fernando Naranjo

·      Alfonso Quintor

·      John Schmid

·      Rob Segura

·      Sandy Wishnev (Lifetime Achievement) 


Please join me in congratulating these players on this honor!  For a complete list of existing Hall of Famers, please go to our website at, where you will soon find a picture and write-up for these newly inducted players. 

Just being nominated is an honor by itself, with so many deserving current and former players worthy of our Hall of Fame.  As a result, we also wanted to provide you with those that remain on our list of nominees as shown below:



River Acciaioli, Will Bateson, Russell Burnett, Rick Carlson, Darren Dressen, Reggie Glover, Raul Harris, Dave Herren, Mark Hetterly, Robbie Hitchcock, Jim Lakin, Mark "Chili” McCleod, Joel Neff, Steve Reno, Duane Tom, Lenny Towle, and John White 



Bryan Balch, Ben Cabanas, Marcus Pugh, Juan "Pops" Quintor, and John Remenarich


Ultra Vet... 

Alan Elias, Julian Blea, Ben Cabanas, Ken Callan, Gary Flores, Ted Hinckley, George Konstantino, Julian Lopez, Steve Mahler, Mike McKeever, Phil Montes, Carl Paz, Charlie Silvas, and Elgin Williams



Dennis Luquet, Scott Stover, and Corrigan Willis 



Wayne Acerogiles, Shelby Flowers, Bob Lloyd, and Russ Ruslender 


Scorekeepers, Etc...

Rena Kirkpatrick (Manning) and Aimee Raymond (Schroedter) 


Lifetime Achievement...(existing HOF Member)

Bob Beren, Steve Gregovich, and Mike Ilg


Please note that nominations come from our committee members. That said, if you feel that you (or someone you know) is not listed and should be nominated, please submit their name including a 3-6 sentence promotional write-up privately to our TV MSBL HOF Chairman at



Mike “Pank” Pankow

Vice-President and HOF Chairman


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