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Hall of Fame Announcement

Tri-Valley League Members:

I am pleased to announce that our league has established a Tri-Valley MSBL Hall of Fame (HOF) Committee that consists of 26 league officials and managers across our league. The process that has been established will provide the opportunity to honor deserving members every year. This HOF seeks members with 10 plus years in TVMSBL who have contributed to our league in many ways including playing, managing, umpiring, fields, scorekeeping, and for their coverall contributions to make the league better.

The first action taken by the Committee was to nominate and vote on the 2020 class with a focus on those members that are no longer with us and those way overdue. There was a total of 14 deserving members nominated and the voting resulted in the induction of seven current or former members. Please join me in recognizing the following new Tri-Valley HOF members for 2020:

  • Ken Beecham

  • Derick Lynch

  • Jerry Emanuelson

  • Pops Menise

  • Anthony Rook Jones

  • George Aldrich (umpire)

  • Red Thompson (umpire)

Several of these inductees are no longer with us, but we want to make sure their families understand how important they were to our league by recognizing them for their significant contributions to our league.

The HOF Committee also evaluated nominations for the 2021 class. The categories going forward for induction into the HOF are: Players, UltraVets, Ambassador, Scorekeeper, Fields, Umpires, and Lifetime Achievement.

The basic criteria followed for accepting nominees was Tri-Valley MSBL participation, such as 10 years in our league, over 50 years of age, respect, service, contributions on and off the field, and some supporting statistics...there was a total of 61 members nominated for the 2021 class. These nominees were then voted on by the HOF Committee, using a points system where only those receiving over 70% would be elected. Those under 70% will remain in consideration for 5 years with the ability to add new nominees each year.

I am proud to announce that the 11 new members elected as our TVMSBL HOF Class of 2021 are as follows:

Players – Mark Murray, Carlos Bryson, Pat Carroll, Loren Peterson, Dale Skinner

Ambassador – Bruce Fraser

UltraVets –Cy Rogers

Umpires – Jack Townsend

Scorekeeper - Betty Vineyard (Fraser)

Fields – Dave Perotti

Lifetime Achievement – Denny Brown

We plan to hold a ceremony later this season to honor the 2020 and 2021 inductees, so please look for an announcement within the next couple of months.

A complete list of our HOF Committee members and nominees will be listed on our website. Future consideration for nominees should be suggested to the Committee members. We will have limits on nominations to show the value in being nominated and elected. Nominations and voting will be conducted annually over the Winter break.

Without having a local facility to display our HOF members we will have a web driven display that will honor past and future HOF members. We will be asking for help with a preparing a brief paragraph (i.e., 3 to 5 sentences) as a write-up of explanation and a picture for each previously elected HOF members.

Thank you,

Mike "Pank" Pankow, Vice-President

Tri-Valley MSBL, Inc.

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Congrates to the players In This years selections for the Hall of Fame

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