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Season Schedule and Actions Needed


Our regular season schedule is now posted on our website ( Please keep in mind that we are continuing to try to secure some additional fields to:

  • Minimize the need for three games at any one field,

  • Avoid the need to use the Livermore JV field where we have it scheduled for a couple of Saturdays, and

  • Have more fields for the playoffs (the playoff schedule will be published within the next few weeks); The playoff format will be the same as last season (i.e., top five teams qualify in a five or six team division and all four teams in the 18+ division)

As a reminder, we did not schedule any doubleheaders or any games on Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day weekend, Father’s Day weekend, or Labor Day weekend. We did schedule games for the 55+ and 65+ divisions on the Saturday of Easter and Mother’s Day weekend.

Manager Actions Needed 1.) The team fees of $5,250 are due by March 31st. The methods to submit your team’s payment are:

  • Mail a check for multiple player fees (i.e., ideally one check per team) to our treasurer Steve Gregovich (406 El Cerrito Ave., Piedmont, CA., 94611) - Preferred method to avoid any bank fees

  • Zelle using (2.5% or a max of $15 charged per transaction) - A lot better than PayPal if the amount is a collection of player fees rather than paid individually by player

  • PayPal using (3% charge to the league) - most expensive

2.) Let your division commissioner know when you have finalized your roster before opening day; This is an important step as your finalized rosters will be used to determine how much we owe for the MSBL National fee; We only want to pay for players that will be playing for sure this season; Players can be added later once you are sure they are committed to playing

3.) Please remind your players to complete their player waivers; They will not be eligible to play in a game without completing one

4.) We have baseballs and scorebooks that I will be giving to your division commissioners; They will contact you to arrange the best way to get them to you

Please contact your division commissioner below with any questions or if you need help with finding additional players.

Jamie Anderson, 18+ Commissioner (661) 316-2464 Dave Lewis, 40+ Commissioner (408) 858-9736 Bryan Balch, 55+ Commissioner (925) 699-8151 Gus Manning, 65+ Commissioner (650) 520-0351

Play Ball!


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